Best Male Hair Loss Products

For any drug to receive FDA approval, years of tests are involved and a huge investment of time and resources on the part of the pharmaceutical companies involved.

If you use propecia, you are using a drug that has gone through one of the longest clinical trials for proving its efficacy. And at every step of the way, it is proven to effectively treat hair loss. It is the only FDA approved once a day pill for the treatment of male pattern hair loss. The clinical trials of the medication proved that out of every 10 men who took Propecia, 9 showed results in the form of hair regrowth and prevention of hair loss. Also, it was seen that 2 out of every 3 men who took this medication experienced hair regrowth, which was evident by an increase of hair count. An independent panel of dermatologists were a part of the study, to assess the results of this study. Also, participants of the study who did not take Propecia, lost hair.

The expense involved can be considerable given the fact that it needs to be used continuously. Once the medication is stopped, the hair that has regrown can be lost.

Rogaine Foam is very quick, easy and convenient to apply and use. You can work it into your daily regimen quite easily. Many state its the most convenient and easiest hair loss treatment to use.

Rosemary and sage can be used to try and promote the health and manufacture of hair follicles. They should be heated together and then the solid parts sieved out to leave the liquid part. This is then put on as a rinse over the scalp. It is wise to do this after using your shampoo.

The causes of baldness include the most frequent cause “Androgenetic Alopecia” or “male pattern baldness.” Further reasons may include hormonal imbalance, stress, vitamin level deficiencies, autoimmune conditions and some medications.

There is a surgical procedure called a “follicular unit graft.” What this means is to take hair from other places on the body and putting in the bald spots.

Take a good multi-vitamin supplement. Codliver oil and evening primrose oil capsules are also recommended. Vitamin b comes in B3, B5, B6 and B12. There four vitamins can be found in everyday foods such as apricots, egg yolk, wheatgerm and potatoes. They are the perfect combination of vitamins if you’re looking to make your hair grow back thicker and fuller.

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