Fault Lines – Outsourced: Clinical trials overseas

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US pharmaceutical firms have moved their operations overseas over the past decade. An increasing number of tests are being conducted on the poor in Russia, China, Brazil, Poland, Uganda and Romania. How is the clinical research done in India?

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20 thoughts on “Fault Lines – Outsourced: Clinical trials overseas

  1. Yeah, Indians are not animal, on which drugs are check. Clinical trial will be closed in india and i am doing my best in eradicating them from south asia.

  2. this is nothing but satin worshiping Wichcraft conducted by these evil people. May God put terror in their hearts for what they have done to humanity.

  3. @LovingBundleOfHate And probably they invented the AIDS virus as well for which they have forever-treatment but not a cure… How convinient!!!

  4. Sad for the moms who loss their daughters. Something needs to be done to warn these people of the dangerous side effects of these drugs that can be fatal.

  5. Nice Video..I get more information.Thanks for sharing. We provide clinical research services around the globe. This is Indian based offshore clinical research organizations. We offer, clinical data management, research investigators profiling, key opinion leaders profiling & database, crf designing, data entry, biostatistics, patent research, drug discovery services.More info Please find at Google – Informatics Outsourcing

  6. I don't think doing these tests in poorer countries is wrong. The poor are always more susceptible to this kind of situation where they can sacrifice their health for money. However taking advantage of their lack of education is ugly. These companies should make sure the participants are completely aware of all the risks they're taking.

  7. Post 2 of 2.

    Thus, the population that was studied even then was poor, and usually not healthy due to heavy drug and alcohol use. For that reason, whenever you see side-effects or statistical study results, it's good to bear in mind that many of the people that are in these drug studies have health problem already.

    I'm not saying that the little girl who died in India, or poor Indians are drug addicts and alcoholics. I'm relating what was common in the US during the late 1970's and earlier.

  8. AJE, Great reporting.

    In the late 1970's I lived in Baltimore in a run down apartment building, sharing a room with a friend who was going for his Masters degree.There was a drug testing company across the street that he would go to every few months. He'd get paid $50 for a weekend study during which he had to sleep eat there. When he would get out, his arm was incredibly bruised from all of the separate blood withdrawals. The testing center was COMMONLY used by drug addicts & alcoholics. Cont.

  9. @FriedBrainOnTheWall Yes, they did and I was too out of it to ask what they were doing until they told me AFTER; They just give them all kinds of pharmaceuticals after airways are cleared, cord is cut and apgar is done.

  10. FDA, drug man, these guys are idiots…..
    The drug companies feed off the poor. Consent to try a new drug they have no idea what exactly it will do….the poor are clearly just lab rats.

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