Urology 101

In this video introduction to urology, you will learn about the following topics: • What urology • What are urologists • What? that urologist treat?
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EndoSheath® cystoscopy with the CST-5000 Flexible Video Cystoscope.
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7 thoughts on “Urology 101

  1. Thank you guys, I got one today and feel much better after reading your generally positive reviews … Cheers ..

  2. I had this procedure done under general anesthesia twice that I’m still in my twenties. Both times, I awoke with zero pain. Urinate for about 2 days can be very painful and uncomfortable, but tolerable; i would like a 6 of a scale of 1 to 10.

  3. had it done yesterday on Cape Cod to Cape Cod urology it was not bad at all … do not be scared …. as everyone says strange feeling that descends penis..slightly uncomfortable..then through the prostate and bladder. .feels I had to pee really bad..peeing after fun..burning will and my surprise..air is released … really funny … at the same time painful dr bit..the and excellent staff .

  4. (3 March 2012) was today. Was very afraid in advance, so that position. Regarding the procedural sense – it is more discomfort than pain. The route went “water pipe ‘- prostate – bladder. Most discomfort is passed between the prostate and bladder – breaths through your nose through the mouth helped. Thereafter, a slight pain and burning when taking a leak. If you look at this because you’re going, do not worry yourself too. Health and happiness to you all.

  5. someone had a? they can advise if it is painful? How long does the local anesthesia lasts? it will affect the bladder control .. if so for how long? very useful video

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